Reduce waiting list times quickly in a safe and cost effective way - using your own facilities to treat patients but with minimal disruption to your own staff



By selecting an insourcing model, you can maximise the use of your own facilities to quickly reduce waiting list times and treat more patients. Insourcing allows your substantive NHS staff to undertake their regular work and in their own departments and teams whilst a specialist team of clinical staff is provided by your insourcing provider

Improves the patient experience

Allows patients to be treated in their own local hospital

Uses Trust facilities

With minimal disruption to the substantive team

Surgical and medical specialties

Covers a full range

Quick and easy to implement

2-4 weeks implementation time

Safe and compliant

More cost effective than outsourcing to the independent sector

Framework compliant

NOE CPC Supplementary Healthcare lot 2 on Trust premises


With NHS Trusts under increasing pressure to reduce waiting list times but NHS workforce vacancies at alarmingly high rate and existing medical staff over stretched, insourcing of medical services within the NHS sector has significantly increased in recent years.

  • Patient wellbeing achieving a gold standard patient experience in a local setting
  • Reduce the pressure by providing instant relief to your substantive staff to avoid burn out and improve morale
  • Fast implementation to provide support to the hardest hit areas
  • One stop shop full patient pathway from out-patient, diagnostics, surgery and follow up
  • Cost effective to use experienced staff in NHS premises rather than outsource to private providers
  • Working with a partner you can trust to deliver a safe and compliant service, responsive to change and with outstanding customer support


The team at Agile Workforce Services have provided multiple workforce solutions for the NHS over a number of years now. They have significant resources to call upon, and have the experience, infrastructure and relationships within the market-place to ensure the best possible service is received.

  • Smooth, robust implementation and service provision
  • Governance and safety processes in place overseen by the Agile Clinical Director and Specialist Clinical Advisors
  • Experienced teams of Consultants and other medical practitioners that work together regularly
  • Highly regarded, and long established, in the market-place they are recognised within the NHS for their outstanding support and expertise
  • Established pool of clinical staff, fully compliant to NHS standards
  • Regular meetings to review performance to KPI’s and patient feedback to ensure patient satisfaction
  • Excellent supply chain relationships - supported by 100+ recruitment agencies
  • IS027001 and ISO9001 accredited
  • Framework Assured for Insourcing services


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