LMS Technology

A healthcare workforce management platform designed to bring peace of mind recruitment and detailed MI visibility

Used by multiple trusts across the UK.




LMS recruitment system was designed to address the bulk of the pain points that Trust staffing teams face on a daily basis. It gives you control over your internal bank to maximise its effectiveness, management of agency spend, and it delivers visibility on vacancies, fill rates and highlights problem areas.  In a nutshell, it brings peace of mind over compliance and puts you back in control.  LMS is a system developed by LMS Recruitment Services Ltd.

Whatever your staffing needs, you can put LMS at the heart of it. Its adaptability means a bespoke system can be tailored to your requirements or it can even be integrated with your existing software.  

No wonder numerous Trusts are using it for their own recruitment requirements.

The heart of Agile Workforce Services

The LMS plays an integral role in a number of the workforce management solutions provided by Agile: Collaborative Bank, Staff Bank Services, Managed Bank, Managed Services/Master Vendor and Direct Engagement. The benefits it brings are almost instant:

  • Fill rate increased
  • 100% compliance
  • Savings delivered
  • Control of rates and budget
  • Visibility with MI and analytics
  • App and integrated email system

Full training and support

Each system is supported by a team providing full training and out of hours availability. Implementation is undertaken by an experienced project manager who works to meet your objectives and requirements. 


Full end to end process

  1. Vacancies cascade from your bank via the LMS App then to the Framework agency supply chain
  2. The marketing module saves time for your staffing teams and allows you to reach your bank in seconds with our fully integrated email system and LMS app
  3. Bookings are recorded and confirmation documentation sent through LMS for audit purposes
  4. Candidates are blocked unless compliance documentation provided
  5. Electronic timesheet approval process available
  6. Self-bill raised to Agencies through LMS with invoice to client
  7. Detailed payroll reports on weekly/monthly basis – all payment processes accommodated

A raft of features make it the number one choice

  • Instantly reach your entire Bank in 5 seconds 
  • Highly effective job/candidate matching process – set to specific parameters
  • Workers can show interest through the LMS app
  • “Traffic light” compliance system with ‘pass/fail/due to expire’ and blocks non compliant doctors from being proposed by agencies
  • Full visibility for all on bookings – parties automatically notified if job filled, amended etc 
  • Online authorisation of timesheets – breaks automatically deducted; pre-approved rates. 
  • Data audit trail – all activity user and date stamped
  • Break glass option allowing for effective monitoring and can be set at different values
  • Shift splitter (available for both Bank and Agency)
  • Automatic identification of duplicate jobs/bookings
  • Ability to run multiple reports

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