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Trusts appear to all face similar workforce issues.

On the surface of it, Trusts appear to all face similar workforce issues.

  • Shortage of healthcare workers
  • A bank that is difficult to manage and recruit to 
  • A myriad of agencies to balance
  • A budget under pressure
  • And increasing waiting lists

Look a little deeper, ask the right questions and you find issues that are more specific to your Trust:

  • Technology that is not working or joined up
  • A lack of people to manage bank recruitment
  • Specific speciality shortages taking up all your focus

Work with a team that not only has the expertise to ask the right questions but also the capability to provide the right solution from a range of services, then you will discover your working days become a little easier.

A team that has extensive experience working with the NHS.

Best-in-class software that helps Trusts seamlessly fulfil

staffing needs.

And a company born from high level medical staffing provision, countless industry framework listings and in depth understanding of the workings of medical staffing departments.


Get custom implementation and personalised support

We know a one-size-fits-all model would not meet the complex demands of temporary staffing of your NHS Trust. We work with you to design a plan built around your priorities.

Leverage technology every step of the way

Fully customise and use our proprietary technology to fulfil not only recruitment, compliance, and billing processes but also payroll of your temporary staff. It is there to enhance not delay.

A team of experts to work with you

A friendly team with a full understanding of the issues you are facing is worth its weight in gold. We are always at the end of the phone to ensure the solution provided is working for you.

Reports and MI that enable you to make effective decisions

Without visibility, how can you make the most effective decisions? Our Workforce Consultancy Service starts with the figures so you can plan going forward.


Reduce agency staffing costs

Range of services in place to reduce agency use, increase bank take-up, fix commission rates, and realise immediate savings

Increased recruitment efficiency

Improve onboarding processes of contingent workers, and support provided so as to reduce time to hire and retention concerns.

Smooth internal process review

Utilise bespoke, detailed MI to help you keep a firm grasp on your workforce and costs, and to make continuous improvements to our service.

Better recruitment via e-rostering

We provide a comprehensive workforce review of your NHS Trust — joined by strategic HR, analytical and finance partners with their specialist expertise.

Full support for resource optimisation

We provide detailed analysis and practical recommendations to identify efficiencies in processes, ways to reduce cost, and improve productivity of your Trust.

Dedicated 24x7 support for you

Agile’s experienced team proactively manages your temporary medical staffing requirements — irrespective of the time of day. You can entirely rely on us.

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